Shoot the Runner by Tuco

There’s an argument that says that the more you know about what went into making a film, the less you’ll enjoy it. The people who support this argument say that the magic is destroyed once you know how the special effects were created or that the male lead was a dick to everyone during the entire shoot. I disagree. On a recent holiday in Spain, I read an excellent book which detailed the making of Blade Runner in minute detail, exposing everything and everyone. Once back home, I dug the film out and watched it again for the first time in about five years. Despite now knowing its secrets, I loved the film more. It was richer, more awe-inspiring in its scope and ambition. Even understanding where it failed seemed to enhance the experience. I saw it with new eyes…And as I found out – it’s all about the eyes. This mix is for Blade Runners everywhere.







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