Coming Soon: ECBE Live from Ice Station Zebra

ECBE DJs Pike & Dutch, Guerilla Disco and Amos T are coming together this Friday to mash up all manner of exclusive mixes which will be appearing on this page, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed so keep up with the posts and stuff to get your fill of all new ECBE choons.


Delta by Pike

We’re heading towards another weekend so you should really be conserving energy for the coming days. With this in mind, PIKE has teased out a mellow mix which will keep you all ticking over before things start kicking off all over the place.


Madchester & Hacienda Classics Vol. 2 by Pike

Hope you’re all having a Happy Monday…If you’re not, perhaps you’ll find one or two in here:


PIKE has been a busy boy of late – and as such there will be a number of new mixes coming from the man himself over the coming days and weeks. As regulars to the PIKE & DUTCH shows will now, Mr. Bishop likes his baggy and such he’s put a few of his favourites together here for your edification, Don’t be distressed if you notice that it’s Vol. 2. You haven’t missed the first – it’s just that he’s a contrary bugger and has decided to post the second one…err…first.


Anyway, what are you still doing read this guff? Get yer flares on.

Phat Ph*kkas by Ian

Aren’t we all glad that’s all over with for another week. Monday’s – we shit ’em. Celebrate the end of another start of the working week and a day closer to the weekend with this collection of phaaaaaaat choons by Ravey Davy. Pimp walk into Tuesday to these babies and know that Friday is ever closer…


Ian’s Full House

Well, look where we are? It’s Friday and the weekend is mere hours away. To get you in the mood for two days of whatever it is you do, you crazy kids, here’s Mr. Davy in the house with some…err…house.


Don’t forget if you’re in Norwich tomorrow – SATURDAY, SEPT. 15 – get yourselves down to the BIRDCAGE PUB to catch the man himself in the flesh along with those wild bunch boys PIKE & DUTCH.



All of which adds up to a bloody good night out. It starts at 7.30 and goes on waaaaay into the night. It’s free so you’d be a mug to miss it.

Are you dancin’ yet?