Halloween with the ECBE


Don’t worry, it’s not Jimmy Savile back from the dead. It’s someone in a lame ghost outfit shaking their chains to the sounds of the ECBE’s Pike & Dutch & Guerilla Disco. You can be there too, getting your pumpkins out, if you fancy it.

SATURDAY, OCT. 27th @ The Birdcage, Norwich

Dub, Ska, House, Dancehall, Indie.




40 by Tuco

One bottle of red, a head full of memories, a life half lived (hopefully)… Tuco faces the big 4-Oh next month and has been contemplating middle-age with his record collection and a tasty little Merlot…

Click on the number to get the mix:


Inside the Birdcage by Diamond Head

In his own words…

“This is loosely the mix I played at the Birdcage in Norwich back in August. I had to start with a request that night for The Clash, so I went with Guns of Brixton. Normally when I get asked if I do requests they ask me to fuck off…

I’m putting this up for those of you that couldn’t make it; there were lots of you. So I expect about 6.5 billion plays for this.
Apologies for the slightly skewy mix at about 20 minutes in. It would have been worser on the night, bor.

Take me to the bridge…Wroxham Bridge.
Norfolk and good, Diamond Head.”


Sunday Session 22 by Ian

Thursdays. What good are they? They’re a bit crap really, aren’t they? They only mean something to four-day weekers and Tottenham fans and who cares about them? Thursdays so want to be Fridays but lack the whole end of the week abandon thing that Fridays have going on. So what are we going to do about them, eh? Well…Mr. Davy thinks its a good idea to imagine them as Sundays. Not in a “oh shit, where did the weekend go…it’ll be Monday tomorrow again” kinda way but more in a “don’t worry that you’re four days removed from the previous weekend but still a Friday away from the next one” kinda way. Relax, that what he’s saying. Thinking of Thursdays as Sundays is a mellow way of dealing with a non-event of a day. So just chill, put your feet up, listen to Ian’s latest Sunday Session and forget that you still have a day of work ahead of you before the real fun begins. Works for us.


Tuco’s Northern Soul All-Nighter

When the majority of the ECBE will be supporting TOM HINGLEY ex of the Inspiral Carpets and JOHN TUVEY of Flowered Up at the Lounge in Norwich on Nov.24, our dear old diamond geezer DIAMOND HEAD will be keeping the ECBE end up in London with a spot of Northern Soul. The Diamond’s commitment to his capital engagement is recognised here by a specially dedicated Tuco All-Nighter. Details of the Diamond’s gig on November 24 will follow soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for future follically-challenged double-bald-headers as Diamond and Tuco will be bringing Northern Soul nights to life in Laaandaan Town, hopefully on a regular basis.