Madchester 2 by Tuco

All eyes are turning towards November’s CALL THE COPS extravaganza with TOM HINGLEY, ex of the Inspiral Carpets, and Flowered Up’s JOHN TUVEY at THE LOUNGE Norwich. The ECBE’s DJs are beavering away like multi-tasking, buck-toothed aquatic rodents to get everything sorted for the 24/11 event so while they run around like headless chickens (and other animal-related idioms), why not enjoy a taster from TUCO who has been flexing his Madchester muscles in advance of his set next month (PIKE & DUTCH will also be playing, and you might even be blessed by a bit of G-DISCO too if you’re lucky – other names may be added).

While checking this out, imagine how amazing it would be to actually hear these and other tunes played live by a couple of baggy legends and the ECBE’s very own homegrown talent. Then, once the shops open, get yourself down to SOUNDCLASH or THE LOUNGE in Norwich and snap up your tickets. There are only 100 on sale and the pile is diminishing faster than Jimmy Saville’s reputation so get down there sharpish. They’re 3-quid a pop. I know, BARGAIN or what?



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