Sunday Session 22 by Ian

Thursdays. What good are they? They’re a bit crap really, aren’t they? They only mean something to four-day weekers and Tottenham fans and who cares about them? Thursdays so want to be Fridays but lack the whole end of the week abandon thing that Fridays have going on. So what are we going to do about them, eh? Well…Mr. Davy thinks its a good idea to imagine them as Sundays. Not in a “oh shit, where did the weekend go…it’ll be Monday tomorrow again” kinda way but more in a “don’t worry that you’re four days removed from the previous weekend but still a Friday away from the next one” kinda way. Relax, that what he’s saying. Thinking of Thursdays as Sundays is a mellow way of dealing with a non-event of a day. So just chill, put your feet up, listen to Ian’s latest Sunday Session and forget that you still have a day of work ahead of you before the real fun begins. Works for us.



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