ECBE’s Tuco (Nick Amies) releases first two novels: MERSEY PARADISE & SHE’S ELECTRIC

Tuco (Nick Amies) has had his first two novels published and they are now available to buy online. If you’re interested in pop culture/music-themed fiction, please take a look.

Mersey Paradise

Britain 1990. While the world buzzes with the hope of real change after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the youth of the UK pin their hopes on a musical revolution to turn the tide of recession and to return the power back to the people.

For six friends from Norwich, being an active part of this revolution means everything. Too long have they danced to the sounds in tiny local clubs and watched from afar as the wave of destiny has swept across the land.

They head for the Stone Roses concert at Spike Island on the Wirral in a rented VW camper in the hope that they will all find something that is missing from their lives there. However, this journey of discovery forces the friends to face some of their darkest secrets. Instead of a hedonistic journey into the fantasy world of ecstasy-inspired togetherness, the six are forced to accept a new reality.

She’s Electric

Britain 1994. Danny Jones emerges from a stifling three-year relationship to find out the eternal battle of the sexes is raging on a new front with completely new rules. As the country dives head first into a Cool Britannia where anything goes, Danny and his friends struggle to strike a balance between embracing the new Lad Culture of girls, goals and ‘go on my son’ with the search for authentic human connection. In a maelstrom of sex, drugs and Britpop, Danny and his mates mount an increasingly desperate search for The One – the perfect woman who can save them from themselves – while staggering ever closer towards the abyss.

Via: DaVinci Institute



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