Honozulu Division: In Their Own Words

So what’s all this we hear about HONOZULU DIVISION then? Some sort of Hawaiian Premier League featuring Michael Caine and a cast of thousands? Probably not but we’ll let the press gubbins explain it anyway…Safer that way…

“Crackling radio signals beamed into the future from pre-revolution Prague and Cold War Berlin, bursts of silver screen profanity and expletive-laden cinematic soliloquies…Thumping bass, tweaking electronica, heavy dub…Indie dance, prog house…Joe Strummer sloganeering, Big Audio Dynamite samples…pomp and circumstance…God the Save the Queen…Upstairs, downstairs, round the back…Felt her tits did ya? How was that?… Pike Bishop mixing live in Norwich, Tuco throwing tunes into the mix from Brussels…melding on the airwaves, forging a solid groove known as Honozulu Division somewhere over the Channel. East City Beats Ensemble…international…continental…A mixing marriage made in Internetland, downloaded into the heads of the faithful…cross border, cross cultural, Cross & Blackwell…Now and then and then maybe again if you’re lucky…twice a night, three times a month, married life innit? Stay tuned.”

Err…yes, well. Honozulu Division – the internet mixing partnership between Pike Bishop of Pike & Dutch and Tuco of…err…Tuco. New mixes coming thick and fast but probably more sporadically depending on how arsed they can be. Top stuff. Get on it.



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