About ECBE


Err…Once you’ve calmed down, we’ll tell you…

That’s better… No, put that down. You shouldn’t even have one of those in here. Do you want me to tell you about the ECBE or not? Right then…

Imagine if you will, gentle reader, that you’re in Manchester in the late 80’s. Perhaps you’ve had something that looked like a grainy tic tac with a child’s drawing on its surface. That tic tac is making you feel all funny, isnt it? And you seem to be in some kind of warehouse filled with sweaty, long-haired people who have also been eating strange sweeties. How you got here, you really can’t say. It’s all a little bit disconcerting until…

The beat rattles your heart like a golfball in a saucepan. The flares you’re wearing are flapping even though there is no wind. Flowers are blossoming and closing in your mind in tune to a spangly string section. Your arms are suddenly pumping. You don’t know it because you’re wrapped up in the music but you look like an ecstatic goldfish. This goes on for hours and changes your life. You search for this feeling, this music every day. You find others who are doing the same. This quest brings you to all manner of strange noises that the kids call choons. It takes you out of warehouses into concert halls, fields, people’s houses. Even as the years pass without you knowing, this experience remains the same. You never want to lose it.

And you don’t have to. Because there are people who will always play that music and keep that spirit alive while adding new and exciting strands to that strange new DNA which was awoken in that Manchester/London/Norwich/New York/Helsinki cavern of noise and love.

It’s international. It’s intercontinental.

It’s the East City Beats Ensemble.


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